The Lolo Breastfeeding Carrier

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The Lolo is the first breastfeeding sling that gives mamas the freedom to modestly and comfortably breastfeed on-the-go.

Safe for breastfeeding infants 8-15 pounds - CPSIA tested & certified

Firm platform that keeps baby in a proper feeding position
Folds to fit in your diaper bag
Strong and secure velcro waist straps
Stylish, soft, and breathable bamboo straps
Waterproof and washable platform cover
Portion of all purchases donated to women's charities

Wear Your Lolo Anywhere

1. Position the platform.

Unfold the platform pillow and place it securely around your midsection to ensure the proper feeding position.

2. Secure the straps.

Drape the straps over your shoulders and tighten until the platform is parallel to the ground. Then, cross the straps behind your back, wrap them to the front, and tie them below the platform.

3. Breastfeed with freedom.

Place your baby into the sling, achieve proper positioning and a deep latch with the baby laying on its side facing your breast. Always check on baby throughout feeding.

"I felt comfortable to feed in a crowded room..."

"I recently hosted Thanksgiving at my home with my in-laws...and a newborn! Having The Lolo™ allowed me to spend time with my family while feeding my son vs. having to go hide in his room every three hours to feed him. The Lolo™ is super easy to put on and allows for my son to latch easily - I felt so comfortable and confident to feed my son in a crowded room. The Lolo™ is a MUST for your diaper bag; as a first time mom, I was overwhelmed at the thought of breastfeeding while out, as I was very attached to using a breastfeeding pillow at home. This is like a breastfeeding pillow and wrap all in one! The Lolo™ gives me the same level of confidence that I had with the breastfeeding pillow AND provides the privacy for me to feel comfortable while feeding my son anywhere!"

- Danielle L.

"To say I am obsessed with this sling would be an understatement! It has been a game changer for me. When I had my first daughter I had all the time in the world to sit around and breastfeed. But when my second daughter was born, that was no longer the case. My toddler was constantly needing help getting dressed, she wanted me to play with her, she needed a snack, she was asking for help going potty... I was always interrupted while nursing. It was exhausting and frustrating to say the least.  A friend recommended The Lolo™ to me and from the first time I tried it, I never wanted to take it off. I could play games with my daughter, do her hair, even read stories and put her to bed all while having my baby right there nursing. It was life changing for a second time mom. It was freedom!"

- Reynolds H.

I already have a baby sling. Do I really need another? (And other great questions you may be asking.)

I already have a baby sling. Do I really need another? 

Designed by a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, The Lolo™ is the only product that puts baby in a cross-cradle position for feeding, which is optimal for infants in the first 3 months.

All other sling carriers are designed for wearing your baby in an upright position. Some babies are able to breastfeed this way, but only once they are older and their neck is stronger.

The Lolo™ also uniquely integrates a firm platform which supports your infant properly for breastfeeding when they are still so small.

In those early months, you will be breastfeeding around the clock with little time to feel like yourself or leave the house. The Lolo™ is the only carrier designed to support breastfeeding during this period! 

Is The Lolo™ washable?

Of course! We’re mamas, too, and we know babies can be messy when feeding. To clean:

1) Remove the firm platform - this part should not be washed.

2) Velcro the waist straps together to ensure the velcro doesn't catch on the delicate bamboo fabric.

3) Fold up and put the entire fabric piece into the mesh laundry bag that was provided in your Lolo box - it is important to wash in this bag to get the most miles out of your Lolo.

4) Wash on delicate or normal cycle, then line dry.

4) When you put the firm platform back into the cover, make sure to line up the "top" labels before zipping so the hinge folds the proper way.

We have included detailed instructions and photos in our How-To-Guide - but please email us at if you have any questions!

Will it fit my baby?

The Lolo™ fits babies 8-15 pounds (typically up to 3-4 months). If your baby is less than 8 pounds, please consult your pediatrician before use.

Can I use The Lolo™ to feed my 6-month old?

No, unfortunately your baby will be too big for The Lolo™ by 6 months. Our breastfeeding sling is made for babies weighing up to 15 pounds, in those first 3 months when they are feeding constantly. Trust us, having the freedom to leave the house during this time is worth it.

If this sling is only for the fourth trimester, is it worth it? 

In the first three months, your baby eats every 1-3 hours. 

That’s a lot of time spent breastfeeding. Not to mention all of the time spent in search of a private place to feed when you’re out and about.

If we could go back and minimize the stress and pre-planning needed for on-the-go breastfeeding, we would do it a million times over. So we did (for you, that is!)–now you can breastfeed in public in a way that's comfortable, modest, and easy.

I already have a cover for feeding in-public... how is The Lolo™ different? 

Breastfeeding covers are simply pieces of fabric that go over your head. You still need to hold your baby in the right position underneath the cover (which is very difficult to do, and often hurts your wrist), the baby easily gets hot and uncomfortable which means they don't want to feed, it's difficult to check on the baby, and it also makes the mother extremely hot.

The Lolo™ has a firm platform to put your baby in the right position without you needing to hold their body weight, is breathable, allows you to easily check on your baby throughout the feeding, and even be hands-free when sitting - a completely different feeding experience in public.

Does it really fit in my diaper bag?

Yes! Our patent-pending design includes a hinge which allows you to fold your Lolo™ up and carry it in a drawstring bag inside of your backpack or diaper bag. Truly a game changer for traveling, going to brunch, going to Target - really anything!  

Do you offer returns?

Due to the nature of the product, we can accept returns of unwashed, unused products 30 days from the ship date. Email to get started. Visit our Returns page for more information.

We partner with First Droplets educational website focused on teaching mothers everything they need to know about breastfeeding based on 40+ years of research from Dr. Jane Morton.

Not only does Kangaroo Care and skin-to-skin improve bonding with your baby, but it can also help to increase your milk supply and successfully establish breastfeeding.

The Lolo's patent-pending design was based on all of these principles so that we can support mamas during this critical time.