We're Meghan & Shelly

Sisters and creators of The Lolo Baby

With 5 kiddos and many years of breastfeeding experience between us, we've been there. You’ve just given birth, you're so in love...but also exhausted and overwhelmed. And every time you turn around, you feel like it's time for another feeding.

While we loved so many moments of breastfeeding, it was challenging to plan anything else around feedings in the first few months, which led to feeling anxious and isolated. And when we searched for a solution to feed anywhere or anytime, we came up empty.

With Shelly (a Board Certified Lactation Consultant) on our side, we went to work to develop exactly what we were missing: the only sling made specifically for breastfeeding in the 4th trimester.

Our mission is to give every breastfeeding mother the freedom to nourish her baby and nurture herself.

The Lolo Baby is Trusted By:

Nourish baby and nurture you.

The Lolo™ is rooted in science and created for on-the-go mamas like you.

Can increase your milk supply.

Holding your baby close is scientifically proven to help with bonding and milk supply. The Lolo makes it easy to get close–even on the go.

Helps with cluster feeding.

The early days of breastfeeding can feel like you're tied to your nursery. With your Lolo in your diaper bag, you're free to leave your house (and your anxiety) behind. 

Puts baby in the right position.

The Lolo's patent-pending design puts baby in the proper position for breastfeeding–tummy to tummy with you–helping your baby latch comfortably and effectively.

Plus: The Lolo Breastfeeding Sling gives you the flexibility to multitask at home, play with your other children while feeding your baby, or anything else you're up to that day.

"The Lolo is a MUST for your diaper bag..."

I couldn’t believe that I could finally take a supportive breastfeeding pillow with me when I was out and about and needed to feed at the drop of a hat.

- Katelyn S.

The Lolo is a MUST for your diaper bag; as a first time mom, I was overwhelmed at the thought of breastfeeding while out, as I was very attached to using a breastfeeding pillow at home. This is like a breastfeeding pillow and wrap all in one!

- Danielle L.